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  • Villa elevator for home

    Villa elevator for home

    FUJIIZY villa elevator,from the perspective of family, builds a warm and harmonious space for each private family and provides meticulous care for you and your family. Machine roomless design: Compared with the traditional machine room, the building and area required by the villa elevator is much smaller, which is suitable for all kinds of family environment. Easy installation: The unique design of the shallow pit eliminates the need for dedicated civil wells and extensive civil works, making the installation of the elevator as easy as the installation of household appliances.

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  • Smaller Elevator Platform For House Use

    Smaller Elevator Platform For House Use

    Main Fuctions: Uninterruptible backup power supply: After power failure, the elevator will automatically run to the nearby station and open the elevator door to ensure the safe evacuation of passengers. EMC Electromagnetic Compatibility: Keep your family and appliances free of electromagnetic interference.

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