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  • MR MRL Patiend Lift Bed Elevator Series Medical

    MR MRL Patiend Lift Bed Elevator Series Medical

    1. EMC(electromagnetic compatibility) Effectively avoid the medical instrument and human body by the elevator signal electromagnetic interference, to ensure the normal operation of the instrument. 2. Ultraviolet sterilization device When the elevator is empty, the uv device will be automatically activated to sterilize the elevator, so as to ensure the cleanliness of the cage and prevent cross-infection. 3. Large and long cage According to the actual situation of the hospital, the hospital adopts the design of super long depth and heavy load to ensure that the hospital bed vehicle can be freely and smoothly. 4. Multiple ways to open doors Hall door can choose side open type, in cent type, before and after through type design, can adapt with the building structure of different hospital. 5. Anti-corrosion materials The interior of the car is made of anti-corrosion material, which can effectively prevent damage to the car wall, handrail and other parts due to contamination with chemical substances. 6. One-click first aid mode Start the "first aid" button, enter the first aid mode, do not accept other calls, to save lives against time.

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