1600kg elevator

  • FUJIZY 450kg-1600kg VVVF passenger elevator

    FUJIZY 450kg-1600kg VVVF passenger elevator

    Shandong FUJIZY elevator Co., Ltd. is one of the few professional escalator manufacturing service providers in the industry. The company has introduced a large number of international advanced elevator technology and manufacturing process to provide one-stop vertical transportation solutions for all kinds of buildings. Since its establishment, Shandong Fuji Royal has made remarkable achievements in manufacturing strength, technological innovation, product system framework and service network construction. We have the most professional design and manufacturing team, in order to meet the needs of more customers, we also provide a lot of shapes and types for you to choose. In the face of the severe epidemic, we have developed contactless touch technology to bring you a safer and more comfortable ride. Choose us and you will have a more perfect shopping experience.

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  • 1600kg Standard Hospital Elevator Lift For Patients

    1600kg Standard Hospital Elevator Lift For Patients

    1600kg Standard Hospital Elevator Lift For Patients 1. EMC(electromagnetic compatibility) Effectively avoid the medical instrument and human body by the elevator signal electromagnetic interference, to ensure the normal operation of the instrument. 2. Ultraviolet sterilization device When the elevator is empty, the uv device will be automatically activated to sterilize the elevator, so as to ensure the cleanliness of the cage and prevent cross-infection. 3. Large and long cage According to the actual situation of the hospital, the hospital adopts the design of super long depth and heavy load to ensure that the hospital bed vehicle can be freely and smoothly. 4. Multiple ways to open doors Hall door can choose side open type, in cent type, before and after through type design, can adapt with the building structure of different hospital. 5. Anti-corrosion materials The interior of the car is made of anti-corrosion material, which can effectively prevent damage to the car wall, handrail and other parts due to contamination with chemical substances.

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