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Elevator noise processing technology is aimed at all parts of the elevator noise, elevator noise pollution in daily life is relatively common, especially for residential households, more serious, affecting the rest at night. The noise pollution caused by the elevator exceeds the environmental protection standard of the residential area, noise must be dealt with, the following to understand the elevator noise reduction technology scheme.

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Ⅰ、The elevator site noise analysis

Most users report that the elevator at night is noisy. The main noise is the low-frequency noise caused by the elevator starting, running and braking. In addition, there is the air noise caused by the piston effect of the elevator running in the well.

The low-frequency noise generated when the tractor is running and the brake is held is transmitted to the residents' room through the guide rail and beam.

Collision noise between cage guide shoe and guide rail.

It can be seen that the elevator noise is mainly vibration, followed by air noise.

Ⅱ、 Elevator noise processing requirements

The elevator most use in residential district, in view of the elevator noise sound insulation design specification requirements to satisfy the civil construction, the elevator can not higher than 30 decibel noise at night, and most common elevator noise is at around 40 decibels, beyond the requirements of environmental protection, through the shock insulation methods such as elevator within 30 decibel noise control at night to night.

Ⅲ、 Elevator noise treatment technical scheme

1. For the air noise caused by piston effect, pressure relief ports can be designed at each base level of the house to remove the air pressure generated by the high-speed movement of the elevator car, and at the same time, a muffler can be installed at the vent.

2. The support beam of the main elevator is generally fixed on the load-bearing wall. This rigid connection has a high transmission efficiency for vibration, so we should take shock absorption measures.

A shock absorber is installed on the base of the main engine to separate the rigid connection between the beam and the main engine;

Replace or increase the cage shockproof pad, high efficiency shock absorber greatly reduce the transmission efficiency of vibration, solve the transmission of vibration of the main engine.

3. The noise generated by the guide rail during the operation of the elevator and the vibration between the guide shoe and the guide rail are conducted through the guide bracket and the bolt. Therefore, the sliding guide shoe is replaced and the guide rail is provided with elastic support and vibration isolation is conducted with shock absorbing cushion.

Elevator noise processing technology is mainly shock absorption, low frequency noise for the elevator processing, if there are other types of noise, also take the corresponding scheme to reduce noise, to ensure that the elevator area noise meet the environmental requirements, to avoid the impact of noise on the daily work and life of residents.

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