FUJIZY company tells you how to take the escalator safely


What are the precautions for taking escalators?

Before boarding: you should tie your shoes tightly and pay attention to loose and dragging clothes (such as long skirts and formal dresses) to prevent them from being dragged by the step edge, comb board, apron board or inner cover plate.

When preparing to ride: take the train in order, do not push each other, especially the elderly, children and people with weak eyesight.

When stepping into the escalator: pay attention to keep your feet away from the edge of the steps and stand in the yellow safety warning frame of the step pedal. Do not step on the junction of the two steps to avoid falling.

When riding: stand facing the step movement direction and hold the handrail with one hand to prevent falling down due to emergency stop or other people pushing. If the handrail is not synchronized with the step operation due to fault, pay attention to adjust the position of the hand at any time.

When leaving: to follow the step movement of the foot, quickly step out, step over the comb board and settle on the front board, so as to avoid tripping or shoes being caught.

In addition, when boarding, please don't touch the glass or gap of escalator with shoes or clothes to avoid unnecessary injury caused by hanging and dragging during stair movement; when leaving, please do not stay at the exit of escalator or escalator to avoid affecting other passengers. Children should be accompanied by adults when taking the escalator.

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