Annie Sally Mall-Tajikistan Escalator

Since the implementation of the "One Belt And One Road" strategy advocated by Chinese President xi jinping, cooperation between kazakhstan and China, one of the countries along the 21st century silk road economic belt, has been well on its way.As an old Chinese saying goes, a close neighbor is better than a distant relative. China and kazakhstan enjoy natural cooperation advantages due to their geographical proximity. The "One Belt And One Road" initiative has built a convenient cooperation platform for both sides.At the same time, fujifilm elevator heard that the following projects were in preparation, so it made an immediate decision to enter into the competition and finally won a lot of representative projects in 18 and 19.

The implementation of the "One Belt And One Road" policy serves as a bridge for trade between China and kazakhstan.Fuji elevator also shoulders an important mission, a strict standard, seiko made Fuji elevator is deeply rooted in the heart of kazakhstan architecture, minute by minute, extraordinary feeling, and strive to provide each user with a safe, comfortable ride experience.

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